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/> title="b4d5b end of watch image aejos" alt="b4d5b end of watch " /> added: November 30, 2012 / / Released: November 23 2012certificate: 15 / / Director: David Ayerstudio: StudioCanal / / length film 109 minsreviewer: Cihan Narin

Writer-director David Ayer? Filmography s is populated by cops and criminals and the gray line between the two groups. From Training Day Street Kings, the conflict between order and chaos on the streets of Los Angeles is waged by fallible people armed to the teeth. End of Watch draws a red line of blood between the two groups with a clear division.

What sets this movie film of poly run-of-mill is that the point of view changes depending on viewer objects in a scene, such as a character holding a pair of binoculars casually in hand. Suddenly you’re looking at the scene through the lens. The concept seems ripe for failure considering how nasty excess usage? Shaky-cam? may be in the film, however yesterday? s no direction without moving the camera, and puts you in every conceivable angle.

It is more efficient to use the barrel of a gun, and the dramatic tension rises due to circumvent conventional film language. Basically two policemen knock on the door suddenly tense because the camera is not a great shot, as usual, it is a unique place leaving you off balance.

The end result is that you are kept on your toes, never knowing what angle or what video format you’ll be seeing something. The film begins with Jake Gyllenhaal? Character casual s making a documentary about his line of work, but soon the camera perspective begins to change around and beyond their own camcorder. It? S inconsistent, but ultimately has the point of view of changing around you better have a compelling reason to why everyone in the story is filming everything around him.

The first half of End of Watch is an introduction to the daily routine of the characters portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pe-understated but always reliable? to, and as the two characters achieve success through hard work, they are closer contacts operating a deadly Mexican drug cartel in the city. Very soon find themselves as direct targets, leading to a blistering climax that extends to the voltage limit.

This is because the relationship between Gyllenhaal and Pe? A, dotted with great camaraderie, which is essential to believe in their friendship. When the proverbial shit hits the fan, you are willing to both live and fight another day.


clock is not an attempt by the police recruitment tacky. Police officers, including the main characters regularly circumvent the law themselves, however, the film is clearly from their perspective and portrays them as a united front against the enemy. The LAPD are a large family with endless support.

The whole cast is great, making often wonder if some of them actually were ripped straight from the streets of Los Angeles, and told him to act. Yesterday? S direction causes each routine investigation of the crime scene seems to be the difference between life and death every time.

The film ‘s just a great defect is small hiccups in the resolution where history are pulling their punches, but overall End watch is a tense drama directed by a writer in his prime and acted with passion gypsum. Also, seeing Jake Gyllenhaal dancing to Salt-N-Pepa is a sight to behold.

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